The ‘Beyond a Joke’ Exhibition aims to raise awareness of the impact of menopause in women’s lives.
There are apparently 34 known symptoms associated with menopause 
The symptoms that get the most press (and often derision and laughs, such as hot flushes) are the tip of the iceberg. There is a much darker side from frozen joints, burning and numb sensations in the mouth, a gamut of other negative physical, emotional and neurological changes throughout the body, to feelings of low confidence and confusion……
They are all due to hormone changes as a result of the natural ageing process but very complex.
Every woman will go through menopause in some way and each will experience different symptoms, this is one reason why it’s hardly been talked about in previous generations.
Due to lack of understanding, knowledge and support, this transition is still impacting women’s lives way more than it should.
So let’s get talking more!
This is the first exhibition Lisa has curated and she is delighted with the response, she is joined by many talented local artists and makers.
Lisa says ‘Beyond a Joke’ is something I have been thinking about since Menopause hit me hard and I wanted to create the 34 symptoms in ceramic.  It’s been a challenge for me but an absolute delight also – Come and identify those symptoms and get involved in a couple of clay workshops I will be running for the duration of the exhibition.

I was asked by Lisa to submit 34 photographs to the exhibition, to represent both the symptoms and that you can't outwardly see who is going through the menopause, or what symptoms they may have of the menopause. The images were to be black and white, high-contrast, and with a single woman isolated in each. 

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